Bohemian Bedroom Ideas + The Bohemian Bedroom Decor to Get the Look

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas + The Bohemian Bedroom Decor to Get the Look

It's an understatement to say that the subdued, natural, lived-in Bohemian bedroom look has taken over.

But to get the look you see in those dreamy photos, you need some amazing bedroom decor to pull it off. 

To help, we've pulled together some of the most drool-worthy Boho chic bedroom decor. Just remember to breathe and click on the cute items you want to get for your home.



Every Bohemian bedroom has cool wall art.

You can get the look with beautiful natural-inspired wall art or a light wall tapestry. 

bohemian wall tapestry

bohemian wall art


Bohemian bedroom rugs are for barefoot walking.

A boho chic vintage runner rug at the foot of the bed or two beautiful small area rugs on each side of the bed equals #bohobedroomgoals.

bohemian vintage area rug


bohemian bedroom rug runner


bohemian bedroom small vintage rug


Bohemian Bedroom Curtains for all day whimsy.

The bohemian look is all about chill. So go for some beautifully dreamy curtains.

boho chic curtains



It's not natural looking without nature AKA Bohemian bedroom plants.

Usually it's easier to go with a big green, care-free houseplant or a stand-out succulent. Mix and match them - and it's even better.


boho chic plant

bohemian bedroom plant



Boho dreams happen in Bohemian bedding.

Without soft, tribal-inspired bedding, how else are you supposed to dream of wind chimes and yoga?


boho chic bedroom pillow


boho chic bedding


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