Vintage Rugs in the Kitchen - 5 Interior Designers Share their Kitchen Rug Secrets

Vintage Rugs in the Kitchen - 5 Interior Designers Share their Kitchen Rug Secrets

The kitchen is arguably the most used space in your home. Usually when people want to upgrade the look of their home, they begin in the kitchen.

A simple way to update the kitchen is by adding a vintage rug in the kitchen.

But there are few tips to getting the vintage kitchen rug right. We've asked 5 interior designers how to achieve the vintage kitchen rug look the right way and here's what they shared...

Tip 1 - Choose a comfortable vintage rug for the kitchen

 vintage rug in kitchen

(Get the comfy blue vintage area rug shown above here)

"I love incorporating vintage rugs in the kitchen - they add warmth, color, texture, and comfort all in one! 

I always make sure I choose patterns with variations of color and pattern size as well as pieces that are more notably worn and vintage which helps hide small spills and drips from the chef!"

-Summer Thornton



Tip 2 - Patterned vintage rugs make the best kitchen rugs

vintage kitchen area rug


(Get the patterned vintage kilim area rug shown above here)

"Go with a rug with pattern (vintage rugs are great at pattern) to help hide things that might fall in a kitchen/so you don't have to worry too much about stains etc. 

Get a rug pad-so it doesn't slip, shift, curl up at the edges which may cause tripping. Especially bc it's a high traffic area. 

Experiment with color- usually kitchens are pretty neutral- woods, stone, tile. A rug is a great way to Bring in a favorite color or a color that is bolder.

Last, get the right size. Don't get one that is too small which will make your kitchen look smaller or too big so that it's bumping up on cabinets awkwardly."

-Rosanna Bassford



Tip 3 - Vintage runner rugs and outdoor rugs are realistic for households with kids

vintage runner rug in kitchen 

(Get the colorful vintage kilim rug shown above here)


"I love rugs in a kitchen- I think they really warm up the space.  A runner is always a good option.  I love them under the sink area.  I tend to opt for indoor/outdoor or vintage rugs- and with vintage the more beat up the better - I say for a kitchen!  Hides more, especially when you have kids! 

And the indoor/outdoor are great because you can easily clean them.  I have a rug by my sink and I literally hose off in the warmer months to clean it.  And when it's colder I actually throw it in washing machine (This only applies to indoor/outdoor rugs. Please don't do this with a hand-knotted vintage rug, this is the proper way to clean a hand knotted vintage rug).

I also have a vintage rug by my fridge. The rich colors are great because that helps to hide any potential mess as well."

- Tanya



Tip 4 - Go bold

(bold antique runner rug for your shown above here)

"When selecting a kitchen rug, you can consider bold prints. It often is the focal point of the kitchen so you can use something with more pattern and color, keeping in mind the color scheme of the home. Typically I use a rug that didn't cost a fortune, due to the amount of cooking and foot traffic that happens in the kitchen."

-Lauren A Bradshaw



Tip 5 - Make sure to add a rug pad

(vintage rug for your shown above here)

"Vintage rugs are great in the kitchen but we always use thin non-skid pads to help keep them in place and to help avoid tripping."

-Thomas Pheasant



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