Top Vintage Rugs Under $500

Top Vintage Rugs Under $500

The thought of throwing away those ugly tired bath mats and replacing them with beautiful vintage Persian or Turkish rug sounds amazing - until it's time to find one in your budget.

So we've rounded up a few of our not-so-traditional vintage rugs to help you score a few beautiful kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom area rugs for every part of your home.

You can find all the Vintage Rugs under $500 in the photos below here


vintage rugs under $500

vintage rug $500

vintage kilim rugs under $500

vintage area rugs under $500


small vintage rugs under $500 

vintage rugs under $500

You can find all the Vintage Rugs under $500 in the photos above here

If you want to browse more one-of-a-king vintage rugs for your home, there are plenty to choose from. Check out more vintage rugs here.



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